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From: Ludovic Louisdhon - Owner of PLR eBook Club

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Let me make a few predictions.
You're not making enough money. At least not nearly enough to enjoy.

You also don't have a lot of time. At least not nearly enough as you'd like.

Let me guess, you're also looking for something that will allow you to profit more but work less.

Perhaps something that will allow you to instantly profit from selling a product as if it were your own without the time, money and effort to research and develop the product.

If so, your prayers are answered here today.

The Real Reason Why You're Not Making
Nearly As Much Money As You'd Like

Thing is, people don't realize how much pain they're inflicting on themselves when they try to start an Internet business. They try to go with whatever hobby or knowledge they know of and think that is all they need.

But they have absolutely no idea how to build a website. They also don't know how to write sales copy that convert. They have no idea how to even put their products online for customers to download. Worst yet, they have to spend weeks and even months to write an ebook only to be laughed at.

Instead of relaxing vacations and new cars, most people only get larger credit card bills to pay each month and even less time with their family.

Are you in this situation right now?

Would you like to get out of this rut and stop spinning your tires?

All You Need Is One Idea To Start
Making Some "Serious" Money...

Listen, you don't have to be a college graduate or super genius to understand the simple economics of an online business. You don't have to possess some special knowledge or expertise. You don't have to learn how to tap into your subconscious and pull out a product.

My goodness, why do people try so hard just to fall flat on their face?

All you need is a simple idea.

No writing skills... no super brain power... no college degree... no knowledge or expertise... no technical know-how... no research abilities... no special skills or talents.

Just the ability to take action on an idea!

And if you can't think of any on your own, we can provide you with more than 400 different niches to profit from with hundreds of unique products added each and every month.

Most people go about things the hard way, when it isn't nearly as difficult as all that!

Sure, there are a lot of things that go into creating a product and selling it online, but most of it can be passed off for someone else to do for you at little or no cost. (Hint: We explain it all below)

All you really need is a simple idea. (And we even show you where to find those, too!)

Let us set the record straight right here and now: there are certain things that absolutely are not necessary in order to make money with information products...

The 7 Myths about Starting An 
Information Products Business ...

1. You have to be a writer

Nah! Not really! You don't have to write a word and still get a completed products! There are so many ways of getting this done and you'll learn exactly how to do it while keeping 100% of the commissions!

2. You need a "million-dollar" idea

Nope! Not at all! It can be a $1 idea and make plenty of money. Ever heard of doubling a penny every day for 30 days? If you do, it equals over $10.7 MILLION!

You can be incredibly successful without a lot of creativity and blockbuster projects. All it takes is one tiny idea to get the cash flow started. More details below.

3. You need to be an expert

Truth is, you can be Larry "The Cable Guy" and not have a clue about life but still make a massive income. There's high school kids doing this, there's retired senior citizens doing this, there's people from "3rd world countries" doing this.

What makes YOU the exception to being able to do this?

4. You need to have an endless source of buyers

Not entirely true. With what you'll learn from our exclusive group is that you'll be able to sell multiple products, multiple times to the EXACT same customer. So if you play your cards right, you'd be a wealthy person with just 100 customers a month! 100 is NOT an endless amount, is it?

5. You need to have a list

You telling me there are people who CAN'T make a massive amount of income WITHOUT a list? Please! There are folks making millions without a single lead! Hurry up and finish reading this so you can learn how!

6. You need a lot of time

Got a week? Heck, you got a few hours? You can LITERALLY set up a website and have it ready to take in orders in minutes.

You'll be making money in no time! You don't have to spend weeks or even months trying to create a business. In just a week, you could have built yourself an entire digital empire!

7. You need a lot of money

You know what really takes a lot of money? STOCKS.

Sure, you can open an account and invest as little as $25... what are you going to get out of it though?

You know what else needs a lot of money? LOTTERY.

You'll more than likely SPEND more money than you would win. The odds are against you. No doubt about it.

You know what else costs a lot of money? COLLEGE.

Even after getting a degree or two or three, you have zero guarantees of getting a job you'd ENJOY. There's college grads working as babysitters, bar tenders, and flipping burgers at McDonald's... come on! Now THAT'S expensive!

How Our PLR eBook Club Can Help...

As you can see, owning your own Info Product or line of Info Products is one of the BEST choices you can ever make in your Information Marketing career!

Private Label Rights & Resell Rights Products Gives You The Profitable Upper Hand--No Matter What Kind Of Business You're Running:


Work Smart. Not Hard.

You're going to have access to one of the largest database of PLR products:

Private Label Rights

Tap Into Any Niche Market You Want:

Affiliate Niche
Animal Niche
Art Niche
Baby Niche
Beauty Niche
Biography Niche
Blogging Niche
Business Niche
Car Niche
Children Niche
Child Development Niche
Classic Niche
ClickBank Niche
CMS Niche
Collections Niche
Communication Niche
Consulting Niche
Cooking Niche
Cosmetic Niche
Crafts & Crochet Niche
Dating Niche
Diet Niche
Digital Photography Niche
Dramatic Niche
EBay Niche
Economic Niche
Education Niche
Employment Niche
Environment Niche
Essays Niche
Ethnic Niche
Family Niche
Fantasy Niche
Female Phases Niche
Fiction Niche
Fish & Fishing Niche
Fitness Niche
Gaming Niche
Gambling Niche
Gardening Niche
General Niche
Government Niche
Health Niche
History Niche
Holiday Niche
Home Buying Niche
Home Theater Niche
Humor Niche
Inspirational Niche
Interior Design Niche
Internet Marketing Niche
Investment Niche
Law Niche
Management Niche
Marketing Niche
Marriage Niche
Medical Niche
Military Niche
MLM Niche
Music Niche
News Niche
Niche Niche
Pet Niche
Philosophy Niche
Politics Niche
Public Speaking Niche
Real Estate Niche
Recipe Niche
Relationships Niche
Religion Niche
Retirement Niche
Romance Niche
Science Niche
Science Fiction Niche
Seasonal Niche
Self-Development Niche
Self-Employment Niche
Self-Help Niche
SEO Niche
Sleeping Niche
Smoking Niche
Social Issues Niche
Sports Niche
Stress Management Niche
Travel Niche
Trees & Landscaping Niche
Wealth/Success Niche
Web Design Niche
Writing and Creativity Niche
Yoga Niche

and the list goes on...

Types of Resale Rights Niche Products:

Types of Niche Products In Our Club:

Instantly Profit from Private Label Rights Products In Over 400 Niches!

We Do More Than Over-Deliver...

"PLR eBook Club Completely Over-delivered...."

PLR ebook club membership had everything I wanted in a content creation. All of the features sounded great and the benefits were too good to ignore. I bought it hoping that it could do even half of what it claimed to. Well to my surprise (and delight), PLR ebook club membership completely over-delivered! PLR ebook club membership is everything it says and so much more! You'll never know until you try it for yourself!

-Kendall Matthews Investments

"I Am Hugely Impressed With The Volume...."

I just signed up to be an E-Book Club member, and, once more, I am hugely impressed with the volume and quality of what you are providing. It's going to be very hard for any niche-marketer, to justify NOT becoming a member! I'm not even a niche marketer, and I couldn't resist! Congratulations!

-Mark Dawnson

"Wonderful Addition To My Own Membership Site...."

Your site rocks! Your vast array of public domain works and niche products have really got me excited!

Your membership is a wonderful addition to my own membership site and my members love your site. You provided a great offer and I got quite a few thank you emails                    . 

Thanks again!
-Lisa Manzi

"The Membership Is Worth More...."

I wrote you this email simply want to say thank you very much. To me (everybody I think) contents is important when you are involved in info products or contextual ads (adsense etc..). Before this, I'd spent weeks trying to find fresh and unique articles with low price but failed until I knew about your site.

Instantly I signed up and you keep your promise. Every week I received fresh new plr articles and plr digital products for my sites. The membership is worth more than what I expected. I higly recommend this plr membership than any other.

Thanks again guys!

-Susie Gribbon, CA

Take A Peek At What's
Inside Our PLR eBook Club:

Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label Rights

Every single eBook and bonus comes in either or both PDF and MS Word format. So you can either 1) start selling these great info products as soon as you get your hands on them, or 2) modify these products in any way you like (change the title, add text, remove text, put your own affiliate links in it, put your name on it, etc.), and then sell them.

Every single software product comes with original source code files, so you can re-brand, modify, or customize the software in any way you wish.

Professionally written sales letter that lists all of the benefits and reasons to buy these great products (You can change these sales letters just as easy as you can the products themselves and in any way you like)

Professionally designed graphics (e-Covers for the main products and bonuses, plus headers, order buttons and complete mini site designs)

Fully put-together and complete website so you just have to upload it to your webhost, stick your name and payment link on it and start making money…It can’t get any easier than this!

Hands free automatic Thank You / Download page that your customers can simply be forwarded to, right after they make their payments, so you don’t have to manually send download info to your customers.

A community of like-minded individuals who share their ideas, concepts and experience in building a profitable business using PLR products. You'll learn from others who do it on a daily basis!

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The PLR eBook Club Organizes, Categorizes, Describes, and Displays Every Single Digital Product and Content Package that It Owns Within the Exclusive Online Membership Site

The PLR eBook Club Structure has it Incredibly Easy to Concentrate On All the Digital Products You Need to Download & None of the Ones You Don't! It is unnecessary to FILL UP YOUR HARD DRIVE just to find out what each Digital Product is All ABout.

Offer Will End Soon - Try Your Rish-Free Trial Today!
Try It Now Risk Free...For ONLY $4.95

Here's what else:

Eco-Friendly - Space Free HardDrive - Private Label Rights | Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label eBooks

Our PLR eBook Club Membership solves every eBook addict's search, whether it be PLR eBooks, PLR software, PLR scripts, Unique PLR articles and more. Or whether it be Digital products With All Sorts of eBook Rights, such master resale rights, basic resale rights, public domain, giveaway rights....

And you can belong to a fun ebook community of people just like you. Meet new people and save money all at the same time so you can put a big smile on your face. Our members are always satisfied.

Every eBook included into this membership are valued altogether at more than $40,000

You get all the features listed above as a member in the PLR eBook Club

Plus a Weekly PLR Product Update for every Niche topic

Add Multiple Streams of Income
by Accessing Multiple Niches.

"PLR E-Book Club Is Definitly A Worthwhile Investment...."

No where else on the net will you find a collection of ebooks and articles in just one easily accesible place. I forgot to mention that it's also always being constantly updated. Your money won't be wasted at the e-book club.

-Timothy Jacob

"It Has Really Helped Our Business Profit...."

The PLR eBooks Club Membership is worth much more than I paid. It has really helped our business profit and expand tremendously. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with.

-Fred Ward, AU

Get FREE Training In Multiple Fields

Training In Multiple Niche Fields - Private Label Rights | Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label eBooksThe Training Material are given in their specific niche membership site. Each membership site has a premium membership. Whoever JOINS the PLR eBook Club will receive their premium membership for free, instead of paying the normal price of $27.00

Here's what we currently offer:
Each Training Site Has Great membership Content! - Private Label Rights | Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label eBooks

TrafficGenerationClub ($27 Value)
Traffic generation Club

The golden rule in business for any serious entrepreneur is 'Find a need and fill it' - The bigger the need and the faster the profits will pour in - That's why we know this site will explode your income!

Without doubt the biggest problem faced by Millions of website owners around the world today is traffic... Or more importantly lack of it!

Without traffic you're dead in the water but now we can help you. With Traffic Generation Club you can satisfy this huge demand and Discover just like thousands of business owners on how to get what you need the most... more quality traffic to your sites.

AffiliateProfitsClub ($27 Value)

Affiliate Profits Club

Do you think a market that generates over 20,000 searches a day is one worth investing in? - We certainly do because Affiliate Marketing is arguably the easiest and fastest way that Millions of people start their online business every year!

Now with Affiliate Profits Club we train our members how to finally win the affiliate game and position themselves as the 'Go To Guy' helping thousands of people get their big break in this exciting business.

eMarketersClub ($27 Value)
Email Marketing Club

The sad fact is that even great web sites and killer products don’t sell themselves – To get the best response, any marketer worth their salt will confirm, the secret to success is a targeted and responsive email list

You know it and you’re sharp enough to recognize that a huge subscriber list is the ‘holy grail’ for hundreds of thousands of small business owners and marketers around the world.

Not just online business owners either… More and more bricks and mortar businesses are recognizing the power of building a list of prospects and clients…

With eMarketers Club we can teach you on how to build, how to grow and then how to maximize your profits from your niche lists… As a result you can expect to mop up big profits and build a legion of raving fans!

WebProfitsClub ($27 Value)
Web Profits Club

Just a quick check with Google reveals that Millions of web searches are made every month for what is arguably the hottest topic of all time – ‘How To Make Money Online’

Chances are those were the same words you typed into the search box when you first got started online too? Unfortunately good information is hard to find amongst the scams and junk that litter the web.

If our goal is to help people succeed and to develop long term relationships with our customers then helping them find safe passage through these shark infested waters should be a number one priority.

With Web Profits Club you can do just that and in the process capture an endless stream of devoted fans for life!

Success Upgrade ($27 Value)
Entrepreneurship Club

According to research firm MarketData the business motivation and self improvement market in the US alone will be worth an estimated $13.9 Billion Dollars by 2010 – Globally the figures are just mind-boggling and we believe it’s your turn to feast on a huge slice of that pie.

Success Upgrade focuses on the key elements guaranteed to help our members improve themselves, their incomes and their lives.


PowerCopyClub - (Released)- Sales Copywriting and Ad Creation for the masses - Includes modules on creating short copy, long copy and how to do video sales letters the right way.

ProductProfitsClub - (Just Released) Product Development - How to develop info-products and software (includes product research, outsourcing, promotion, pricing strategy and generating publicity)

PowerMarketersClub - (Released) Advanced Marketing Techniques - Marketing Funnels/Models/Testing&Tracking/Exit Strategies - Advance level tips & tricks.

WealthUpgradeClub - (Released) Wealth Building Advice - Covering Legal (Asset Protection-Formations) / Taxation / Investments Through to Product Licensing, royalty payments and other long term income strategies for successful people.

MembershipMarketersClub - (Just Released) Membership Marketing - Covering research, set up and choosing the right software. Through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members

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Private Label Rights | Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label eBooks

Simply click the "ADD TO CART" below to checkout and get started right away..
Private Label Rights | Resell Rights eBooks | Private Label eBooks

Join the Private Label Rights eBook Club Today!

Try It Now Risk Free...For Just $4.95

Private Label Rights eBooks
WARNING!I shouldn't even have to
say this just to get you moving
quickly, but
 I'm limiting this club
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And Only For A Limited Time,
You'll Also Get These Incredible
Fast Action Bonuses...

*** SUPER BONUS #1 ***
"Video Training Series"
(A value of $97, but yours FREE!)

Video Training #1 – Your PLR Makeover

Real, No Bull Facts On PLR Makeover, Explained in Layman's Terms by One of the World's Top PLR Makeover Experts

Private Label Rights Makeover
  • How To Locate PLR Products
    Easily overlooked locations for PLR content are revealed.
  • How To Do A Total PLR eBook
    Makeover 3 separate videos in this series on just plr eBook makeovers
  • How To Do A Total PLR Video
    Makeover 3 separate videos in this series on just plr video makeovers
  • Tools Required For PLR Makeover
    Here are several tools (most are FREE) for your PLR Makeover
  • Domain Names & Web Hosting
    Several money saving tips for your new domain name and web hosting services
  • These are just a few of the keys to the castle you will receive when you have added these videos to your online money making tool-box!

Video training #2 – Keyword Compass

PAGE ONE of the Search Results NOW

A series of 11 step-by-step instructional videos on killer keyword creation.

This video series details the steps to creating killer keywords. All the way from brainstorming the initial keyword list to finding, learning about, then clobbering the competition for those keywords.
Then using those keywords to drive massive traffic to your offers.

  • Series intro
  • What are keywords?
  • Where Do We Find Keywords?
  • How Do We Use The Keywords?
  • Brainstorm Keywords
  • Basic Keyword Research Tools-
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Competition Research - Find Them
  • Competition Research - Know Them
  • Competition Research - Beat Them
  • Time To Use The Killer Keywords

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*** SUPER BONUS #2 ***
"Web-Based Article Spinner & Rewriter"
(A value of $197, but yours FREE!)

This is actually the Content Professor LiteTM - An Advanced Article Rewriting System. You'll be able to take the hard work out of re-writing articles by simply changing the content on the fly!

Here's what this program can do for you:

  • Easily generate spinnable tags (you'll learn more about this later)
  • Spin up to 50 articles
  • You can check keyword density
  • You can verify the number of words in the article
  • Check "human" readability
  • Easily do a spell-check on the articles
  • Increase your article marketing power with just a few clicks
  • And way more!

*** SUPER BONUS #3 ***
"Special Discounted Services"
(This is priceless and worth more than the price of admission into our exclusive club!)

You not only get a special discount on copywriting, but also to graphic designing, the ContentProfessor and PLRNicheClub. We are constantly adding more services here to save you money.

"This is a $500 Value"

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"100% Private Label Rights Monthly Memberships "
(A value of $2,000, but yours FREE!)

Instant Private Label Rights Membership Sites That Flood Your Account with Recurring Income At the Click Of A Mouse!

Private Label Rights MembershipWeight Loss - Private Label Rights Membership 2

Here is Exactly What You Will Get With This PLR Package:

  • Two professionally designed ready-to-go membership sites created just for you (one on Internet marketing niche and one on a popular but non-IM niche). These are full and editable sites so that you can rebrand, include your name and copyright info on it.
  • Six month worth of content for each site. Note that this is key to generating residual income because your members will demand quality and continuous information each month.( Brand New Content)
  • Reports that provide valuable information on each niche topic.
  • Professionally designed and custom made graphics for use in your sites.

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"Private Label Profits – The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Selling
Your own PLR Products"
(Membership is $97, but yours FREE!)

I've teamed up with John Thornhill from ProfitfromPLR and he agreed to give you guys access to his premium content... For Free!

His members are currently paying $97.00 to access the same content that you will receive for FREE as a member of PLReBookClub. The Profit from PLR training program will not be running for ever, so you better get in fast before he changes his mind. You will NOT find a deal like this avaliable anywhere else!

Inside this killer course you'll find...

  • Downloadable PDFs showing you the fastest way to PLR profits Who has the time to download and read a boring 100 page eBook? Instead let me give you a powerful step by step course that will cut out the guess work and take you to online profit fast!
  • Innovative training videos that cut out the mystery and show you exactly what to do and how to do it - It's no surprise that so many people fail online when they have tired old eBooks to guide them. Forget trying to get to grips with long winded eBooks and instead download these exciting videos so that you can get your online business up and running in no time at all.($197-$497)
  • Detailed check lists to help guide you every step of the way - Do you ever feel lost and not know what to do or when to do it? Yeah me too! Let me cut out the confusion and give you a set of powerful checklists so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • How to turn any PLR product into a profit pulling machine - I'm going to show you how to take a product that someone else created and turn it into your very own money spinning cash machine. I make a ton of money from PLR products and I'm going to show you how to do exactly the same!($75-$120)
  • How to get your creative juices flowing and find the PLR gems that are hidden from view - Making money with PLR material getting so creative that you'll find PLR products in places your competitors didn't even know existed! ($50-$200)
  • How to lay solid foundations for instant online profits - Forget eBooks that give you the theory and then leave you scratching your head trying to figure it all out. I'm going to show How to send a tidal wave of traffic to your site day after day. HINT: Get this right and you're going to enjoy more traffic than you know what to do with and you'll send your bank account spinning! ($47-97)
  • And Much Much More...

If you've ever struggled to make money online then there's a good chance it's because you've been given terrible advice.

Let me set the record straight once and for all and show you how you can start earning money with PLR eBooks today with John's powerful and never before seen blueprint for success. 

And remember this isn't a dated old eBook that makes you so bored it makes your eyes start to water. This is a complete step by step home study course that will guide you from complete beginner to online profits in no time at all.

Profit From PLR is a Complete

Step By Step Guide That Lays Out Exactly What You Should Be Doing

Look below for a small sample of what's included in this powerful course...

Phase 1 - Research, Development & Preparation

First of all you will start performing research and narrowing your sales niche. You will also begin to build the foundations for your online business. Step-By-Step Videos will show you what you need to do.

Phase 2 - Content Creation

In phase 2 you will create the marketing content that you will present to the marketplace, don't worry if you have never done this before as I have laid everything out for you so you sail through this section.

Phase 3 - Website Construction

In phase 3 you will begin building your website and working on your sales process. Most of phase 3 will be spent watching me build a money making website right in front of you.  It's like having me sat next to you showing you what to do.I also reveal the killer tactic that has seen me earn over $75,000 from this single method alone. You will be able to copy my tactic and add it to your sales process.

Phase 4 - Review Your Sales Process

In this phase you will review your entire marketing and sales processes to make sure that they are all foolproof and that all your bases are covered before your product goes on sale.

Phase 5 - Start Marketing

In phase 5 you will focus on marketing your product in a number of different ways. You'll be presented with a multi-pronged approach to enable you to hit as many different types of marketing avenues as possible in the shortest amount of time.Today is the day your efforts pay off as you start to drive traffic to your site on autopilot!

Phase 6 and beyond - Advanced strategies

This is where you take your business to the next level as I show you advanced strategies and how to 'keep it going'. There is no turning back now as you follow the path to success.

Claim Your Exclusive Spot In Our PLR
eBook Club and Start Profiting Without
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I just joined recently, plenty of ebooks and products to keep me going for a long, long, time! A good place to join if you want lots of content.


I just signed up today, but after reviewing the products I gotta say I like what I see so far. Wow!


What Members of The Warrior Forum Had To Say:

To Your Success,

P.S: You could be spending hours on end writing up your own ebooks to sell or even designing them yourself. That's so much wasted time when you could literally unzip a file, change some text and upload it into a website to start profiting immediately.

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